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Park Stewardship: Volunteering at Your Parks & Serving Your Community!

At Washtenaw County Parks and Recreation we work hard to provide high-quality recreational opportunities for the residents of and visitors to Washtenaw County. With over 6,000 acres of land that provide a wide variety of activities for residents and visitors. From water parks, where children can run, swim, and splash; to nature preserves where quite lands provide impressive hiking and wildlife observation opportunities, these lands provide a variety of recreational amenities. Our parks and activities exist due to the continued support of county residents and visitors. Through dedicated park use and strong voter support for mileages, it is apparent our community loves their parks!

Steward Experience

Volunteers are a vital part of what we do. Washtenaw County believes in providing stewardship activities that will directly benefit the landscape while enhancing the experience for park visitors. Additionally, we work to incorporate learning and nurture relationships with our volunteers so that they have a positive stewardship experience. Volunteers not only give back to the Washtenaw County community but can also learn horticultural and restoration techniques, acquire wildlife identification skills, get exercise, and connect with people with similar interests.

Thank you and we look forward to working with you!

Calendar of Events (PDF) - Find out about upcoming Volunteer Stewardship events, nature hikes, and programs for all ages!

Groups are Welcome

We look forward to organizing a Volunteer Workday(s) for your group. Opportunities are available for all group sizes, age ranges and ability levels. We welcome varied group sizes and plan rewarding and productive workdays for folks of all ages and abilities!

Interested in Park Stewardship

If you are interested in Park Stewardship, contact Allison Kreuger.

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