Chain of Lakes Weed Control Activities

This page has information and maps showing aquatic weed control and lake improvement activities and locations. The data on this page will continue to be updated as more information becomes available.

A Guide to Using This Page

In order to make it easier to find out where weed control activities have taken place within the chain of lakes, a separate section has been created to identify the lakes, canals and/or connector areas individually. The first bullet point under each section is a link to a satellite map with data location points for that section. The “numbers” you see on these maps are merely reference points, which are also referred to as AROS (Aquatic Resource Observation Sites), as referenced in the lake management opinion document.

When contacting our department, the lake scientist, or the lake improvement vendor, residents are encouraged to use these data location points when trying to identify the location they are inquiring about. For example, a resident who lives on Baseline Lake may have a question about lake conditions along a section of the northern shore of this lake. By using the satellite map with data location points, that resident could specifically note the range of data points referencing the area about which they are inquiring.

Additional bullet points found under each section will represent a date on which particular weed control activity has taken place and the type of control method used within that section. The shaded areas on these maps indicate where the vendor conducted the control activity as directed by the lake scientist.

Little Portage Lake

Portage Lake

Portage Lake Canals

Baseline Portage Connector

Baseline Lake

Tamarack Lake Connector

Tamarack Lake

Whitewood Lake

Long (Loon) Lake

Gallagher Lake

Gallagher Island Canals

Strawberry / Gallagher / Long (Loon) Connector

Strawberry Lake

Zukey Lake

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