Data, Technical Information & Reports

Below is raw data, technical information and reports on various attempts to infiltrate street runoff utilizing rain gardens, porous pavement and other "nontraditional" techniques.

Street with runoff setup

Performance Evaluation of Porous Pavers & Vegetated Swales

November, 2009 - Prepared by Scott Dierks, PE and Stantec, Inc.

In 2007, the City of Ann Arbor replaced portions of traditional asphalt with porous pavers on Easy Street, which is located off of Packard Street in the City. This report discusses the data leading up to the project and included an analysis of the hydrologic benefits of the project and, by extension, recommendations for future projects. View the complete Hydrologic and Water Quality Performance Evaluation of Porous Pavers and Vegetated Swales on Easy Street in Ann Arbor, Michigan (PDF) report.

Image of construction site with equipment

Importance of Operation & Maintenance for the Long-Term Success of Green Infrastructure

March, 2013 - Environmental Protection Agency Office of Water

This report discusses green infrastructure (rain gardens, pervious pavement, bioswales, constructed wetlands, etc.) constructed throughout the United States as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) and the maintenance needed to keep these infrastructure elements in working order for the long term. Read the full Importance of Operation and Maintenance for the Long-Term Success of Green Infrastructure - A Review of Green Infrastructure Operation and Maintenance Practices in ARRA Clean Water State Revolving Fund Projects (PDF) report.

Image of a green lawn leading to a body of water

Upgrade Your Infrastructure - Green Infrastructure Portfolio Standard

Joint effort by American Rivers, The Center for Neighborhood Technology and The Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative

A helpful document that provides guidance to municipalities and companies interested in installing and / or encouraging the use of green infrastructure elements. Read the full Guide to the Green Infrastructure Portfolio Standard and Building Stormwater Retrofits (PDF) report.

Image of purple flowers with a city skyline in the background

Hamilton County Rain Garden Infiltration Studies Presentation

Dave Dyke, Commercial Horticulture Educator, OSUE, Hamilton County, Ohio

A presentation including a discussion of recommendations as well as a summary of infiltration rates observed in rain gardens of Hamilton County, Ohio, including the Cincinnati Zoo, Brazee, and Immanuel Church. Read the full Hamilton County Rain Garden Infiltration Studies Presentation (PDF) report.

Image from above of cars in a city

Rainfall Data - City of Ann Arbor, Michigan

June 27, 2013

A severe thunderstorm hit Washtenaw County on June 27, 2013. The sudden storm resulted in flooded streets, power outages and vehicle crashes. Read the full Rainfall Data (PDF) report.

Image of a landscaping with plants and a bench

Infiltration Testing Report

February 1, 2010 - Portland, Oregon

A portion of Portland's (a leader in green infrastructure) storm water management manual that provides best practices on testing infiltration. Read the full Infiltration Testing Report - Appendix F.2 of Portland Stormwater Management Manual (PDF).