#wishyouknew Mental Health Campaign

The Washtenaw County Health Department has teamed up with Washtenaw County Community Mental Health to design a campaign to address community concerns around youth mental health and reducing stigma. We spent the summer of 2019 asking Washtenaw residents what mental health means to their communities and what they hope to see in a campaign. We’re excited to share back what we’ve learned from community voices and how they shaped the proposal for the “Wish You Knew” Campaign. The next step is to work with the Community Mental Health Millage Advisory Committee to finalize and launch the campaign.

Driven by community conversations, the new county-wide campaign aims to address the disconnect between youth and adults by promoting regular and open communication about mental health. Through artwork and video storytelling the “Wish You Knew” Campaign will reflect what youth wish adults knew about their mental health and how parents and caregivers can support open communication. It aims to spark honest and supportive conversations, and to spread hope that if we can share our truth with trusted people in our life, we can begin to heal.

The campaign is funded by the Washtenaw County Mental Health and Public Safety Preservation Millage. Community members expressed interest in anti-stigma campaign work as part of public conversations around the millage.

Outreach Summary & Campaign Proposal

Thank you to the 300+ community  members who provided input through community conversations, focus groups, and our online survey. Find our full outreach report and campaign proposal, as well as a 2-page summary below.

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