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All Case Types

  • ALL separately captioned documents must be filed as separate documents in a bundle.
    For example:  Notice of Motion Hearing, Motion and Brief are three separate documents in the same bundle. For more information please click here.
  • A Notice of Motion Hearing form is required to schedule a hearing. Please contact Central Assignment at (734) 222-3383 for a hearing date prior to filing the Notice of Motion Hearing form.
  • A Proposed Order related to a Motion may only be filed as an exhibit. Please do not file proposed orders as separate documents.
  • A separate Proof of Service is not needed if the other party/parties are registered users of the MiFILE system and are selected to receive service at the time of filing within MiFILE.
  • To be accepted as a Verified Contact in MiFILE, requester(s) must be a party to the case or an attorney of record. For additional information on email notifications, please see "MiFILE Email Notifications".
  • A separate current summons document is required at the time a complaint is filed. For the most recent summons, please click here.

Domestic Case Types

  • Verified Statement, Notice of Order of Filiation, Judgment Information Form and Application for IV-D Child Support Services cannot be e-filed. Please deliver these documents to the FOC/Domestic Court Services Department or mail to the following address:

Washtenaw County Friend of the Court
PO Box 8645
Ann Arbor, MI 48107

  • If a Proposed Order requires Friend of the Court approval, filer(s) must obtain the approval prior to e-filing.
  • Required mediation packets for Judges O'Brien and Conlin can be obtained here:
    Domestic Mediation Packet

Additional Help

Please feel free to visit the links below for information provided by MiFILE: