Green Infrastructure Factsheets

Water quality is important to all of us. Protecting our lakes, rivers, and streams is critical to preserving the natural character of our rural areas, and maintaining a high quality of life in our villages and cities.

Lately, we are seeing more innovative design techniques employed in Washtenaw County that serve to better protect our waters. Low Impact Development, or LID, is a more environmentally friendly approach to land development and storm water runoff management, which balances growth with environmental integrity.

Many examples of Low impact Design have been constructed here in Washtenaw County. These Fact Sheets compile information about these practices in a format that I hope you will find convenient and useful.

Bioretention Islands Fact Sheet (PDF)

Bioretention Islands Cover Sheet

Engineered Systems Fact Sheet (PDF)

Engineered Systems cover sheet

Native Landscaping Fat Sheet (PDF)

Native Landscaping cover sheet

Porous Pavement Fact Sheet (PDF)

Porous Pavement cover sheet

Vegetated Swales Fact Sheet (PDF)

Vegetated Swales Cover Sheet