Abandoned Vehicle Auctions

Important Information Regarding Auctions

All vehicles are being held under the provision of the MichiIMG_1674 2 EDITgan Motor Vehicle Code, MCL 257.1, et seq or revised judicature act, MCL 600.6001 et seq. The starting bid of each vehicle is based upon the towing and storage charges due.

Note: any one of the vehicles listed herein may not be available the day of the sale. This is due to the fact that any of the vehicles may be claimed by the registered owner, or the LEIN holder, up to the time of the auction.

Cash Only

Note: all vehicles must be paid for at time of auction cash only.

If you have questions, please call Teresa Fox at 734-973-4394.


Sakstrups Towing 5600 S State St Ann Arbor Nov 21 @ 8am

Vehicle Description VIN
2005 Chevrolet Imp 2G1WH55K259345496
2000 Suzuki JS1SK43A4Y2102555
2010 Subaru Out 4S4BRCKC0A3343619
2009 Linhai Cyl LL8W2B4F490A00097
2006 Cadillac DTS 1G6KD57Y26U134454
2004 Honda Civ JHMES96674S001221
2006 Chevrolet CBT 1G1AK15F767805424
2004 Mercury 2MEHM75W34X674923
2011 Wabash 1JJV532B6BL509168
2013 Freightliner 1FUJGLDR6DSBN8178
2017 Zhejiang Cyl L9NTELKE4H1200685
2009 Ford Foc 1FAHP35N19W111709
2002 Nissan 3N1CB51D72L665671
2002 Ford Tk 1FMZU73E82ZA86065
2007 Nissan JN8AZ08W27W641309
2000 Nissan Max JN1CA31AXYT214462
2007 Nissan Alt 1N4AL21E27C112394
2017 Ford Edge 2FMPK4K95HBC25998
1998 Nissan Sen 1N4AB41D3WC741487

Triangle & Don's Towing 2040 Federal Ann Arbor

Vehicle Description VIN
2008 Chevrolet 2G1WT58K581325496
2006 Chrysler Tow 2A4GP54L86R740285
2003 Saturn 1G8AK52F23Z157648
2004 BMW WBAGN63454DS46099
2018 Jeep Wrangler 1C4BJWEG3JL822984
2003 Ford 1FAFP53U63A204727
2007 Nissan 1N4AL21E37N443313
2000 Dodge 1B4HS28N4YF270203
2001 Ford Foc 1FAFP34311W173252
2000 Chevrolet Blz 1GNCT18W9YK224426
2000 Mazda  

Brewers Towing 1763 Plymouth Rd Ann Arbor - Nov 21 @ 10am

Vehicle Description VIN
2008 Volvo YV1MW382282421252
2005 Ford CVC 2FAFP73W35X178319
2005 Toyota 5TDBA22C35S031773
1994 Kawasaki JKAEXVD11RA005680
2012 Ford Foc 1FAHP3M20CL255770
1981 Yamaha JYA5K5000BA008749
1996 Ford 1FTCR10A3TPB52531
2002 Ford 1FTRW08L12KE07868
2009 Chevrolet Mal 1G1ZJ57B594211301
2003 Honda 1HGEM225X3L069751
2008 Buick Luc 1G4HE57Y48U113026
2007 Honda JHMFA36247S013574
2011 Volkswagen WVGBV7AX3BW504133
1999 Mitsubishi JA3AY26A1XU012796
2000 Ford 1FTYR10V2YTA02143
2003 Ford