Indigent Defense Fee Schedule

The following policy shall govern the claims submitted by Appointed attorneys in both circuit court cases and appellate cases:

  1. Attorneys shall be appointed for circuit court cases in accordance with Local Administrative Order 2015-05J (PDF). Appellate attorneys shall be appointed in accordance with the procedures established by Michigan Assigned Appellate Counsel System.
  2. The maximum billing rate shall be $75 per hour. All bills shall be submitted on court approved forms.
  3. The following maximum "caps" are effective for felony cases and include all proceedings:
    • District Court Cases
      • Exam not held-disposed in district court: $375
      • Exam held-disposed in district court: $525
    • Circuit Court Cases - (includes district court events)
      • Plea agreement cases-no exam held: $750
      • Plea cases-exam held: $900
      • Cases in which trial is held (up to three (3) days): $3,000
      • Cap for each trial day thereafter: $450
  4. The following caps are for appeal cases and include all proceedings:
    • Appeal for plea cases: $1,000
    • Appeal of trial cases: $2,250
  5. The court shall pay reasonable and actual expenses in excess of the above caps up to $100. In the case of out-of-County jail or prison visits, the court shall pay the hourly rate only for hours spent with the defendant. The court will pay for actual expenses incurred on such trips (reasonable lodging, meals and mileage) which may exceed $50.
  6. Exceptions to this policy must be submitted in writing along with the fee schedule to Court Administration. These requests will be submitted to the assigned judge for approval.